Grassfed Beef

Grassfed Beef

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Balance paid on pick-up.

  • 40 lb. bundle:

    Each bundle varies in weight slightly.

  • Quarter:

    The hanging weight of an average quarter is about 125 lb., giving you about 80 lb. of meat.

  • Half:

    The hanging weight of an average half is about 250 lb., giving you about 160 lb. of meat.

  • Whole:

    The hanging weight of an average whole is about 500 lb., giving you about 320 lb. of meat. Currently out of stock. Please contact us to get on the waiting list!

Grassfed beef is the pinnacle of healthy eating: an entirely different product from corn- or grain-finished beef. Our herd comprises Black Angus as well as the endangered Red Poll breed, known to produce amazing beef on an all-grass diet. Their smaller size combined with our intensive rotational grazing system allows us to finish our animals in approximately 18 months, yielding tender, flavourful meat.

Folks who have tried our beef for the first time had this to say:

“We brought home the beef and we just could not wait, so we thawed two steaks and ate them with a collection of roasted root veggies. OH MY GOODNESS! Tender and delicious! The selection of meat looks fabulous and we are so thankful to you and Nathan for having cared for these animals and shared them with us.”

One of the things we are most passionate about at Green Being is employing intensive grazing systems to stimulate our pastures to sequester carbon in the soil. This is a powerful tool for fighting climate change.

Check out Eat Wild to learn more about all the amazing benefits of grassfed beef.

Pick-up Locations & Times

Once you add a Grassfed Beef product to your cart, choose your pick-up option on the Cart page before you checkout. Here are the Grassfed Beef pickup details:

  • Pick-up at the Farm: Please contact us to arrange a convenient time.
  • Toronto: Delivery on Saturday, December 5, 2020. York Mills area; we will contact you with exact time and location.
  • Guelph: Delivery on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. St. James Anglican Church; we will contact you with exact time.
  • Owen Sound: Delivery on Saturday, December 5, 2020. Wil will contact you with exact time and location.
  • Home Delivery within Southern Ontario: Add $1.00 per pound.