Winter CSA

Green Being’s Winter CSA is all about providing you with the kind of locally and organically grown food, which will make you excited that it’s winter!

When most CSAs end and the selection at the farmers’ market dwindles, we are just getting going! Our CSA is unique in that it is first and foremost dedicated to providing our members with local, organic food throughout the winter, when supply and quality is often declining. Imagine next February, eating crisp, sweet carrots that taste like they were just pulled from the ground, and garlic that is actually juicy, unlike its woody, dry counterpart from overseas! We specialize in a multitude of storage crops: buttery potatoes, a diverse array of winter squash, various types of carrots, squash, pungent onions and garlic, as well as winter greens to keep you nourished over the darker months.

What we have found is that eating locally is undoubtedly fun in the summer but, when you get into January and February, the diversity diminishes and so is the excitement of new crops coming into season. Our CSA is structured to keep things fresh, bringing new items to the table all winter long – some tried and true, and some new and unique. We work with other local and ecological farmers to bring you the best array of produce possible.

Need a CSA primer? Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture.