Winter CSA

Green Being’s Winter CSA is all about providing you with the kind of locally and organically grown food that will make you excited for winter!

When you become a member of our CSA, you receive a 'share' of the harvest, every other week between Nov and Feb (14 weeks).  We deliver your shares to pickup locations in Guelph, Hanover, and Owen Sound or you can pick up at the farm in Neustadt.  

There are 2 sizes of shares, a small is more for a couple, whereas a large is for a bigger household, but it really is up to you depending on your consumption of seasonal veggies.

You can expect staples every pickup, such as carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic, winter squash etc, plus we also grow several different types of cabbages, beets, rutabaga, Brussel's sprouts, and the list goes on!  We also try to provide you with at least one item each week from our passive solar greenhouses, where we grow greens like spinach, salad greens and arugula all winter long!

If there is a crop you don't love, that's ok, because we have a swap box, so you are welcome to swap any item out of your share that you don't want in exchange for something else. 

Being a CSA member means having a connection to the farm and farmers that grow your food, receiving the highest quality produce, and supporting local and sustainable agriculture. 


What we have found is that eating locally is undoubtedly fun in the summer but, when you get into January and February, the diversity diminishes and so is the excitement of new crops coming into season. Our CSA is structured to keep things fresh, bringing new items to the table all winter long – some tried and true, and some new and unique. We also work with other local and ecological farmers to bring you the best array of produce possible.

Need a CSA primer? Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture.