Pastured Meats

At Green Being Farm all our animals are raised outdoors, with the highest regard for their needs and their impact on the environment. Our name, Green Being, reflects this: we allow animals to be the creatures they are meant to be, and so we raise them in a way that does not compromise their dignity, or that of the environment. We strive to give them a happy stress-free life, feeding them only high quality certified organic feeds, and allowing them complete access to green forages. No preventative medications, hormones, additives or genetically modified organisms. You are what you eat, after all!


Our meat is available seasonally by pre-order. We deliver to centralized pickup locations in Toronto, Guelph, and Owen Sound, or you can pick up at the farm. Pricing is reviewed late spring so may vary slightly from pricing in our product catalog.

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Grassfed Beef

We raise both Red Polls and Black Angus cattle. Our cattle are strictly grassfed – no grain, ever. Our animals are finished at 18 months, much sooner than many other grassfed cattle, resulting in tender but exceptionally flavourful beef. We take grazing very seriously, and our cattle are moved to fresh pasture every other day. We have been told by many customers that our grassfed beef is the best they have ever had. We offer 35-40 lb bundles of mixed cuts (steaks, roasts, ground, stewing beef, etc.) or you can order by the quarter, half or whole animal.

  • A bundle will give you an assortment of steaks such as sirloin, T-bone, porterhouse, rib steaks, wing steak, etc., as well as a couple of roasts (sirloin tip, prime rib, pot roasts), perhaps some short ribs, and also lots of ground beef and stewing beef.
  • A quarter, half, or whole, will give you the same but you have more control over what you get: for instance, if you don’t like roasts, you can have more stewing or ground beef. And you can request rarer cuts such as flank steaks, brisket, etc., in addition to all the bones and organs.

Visit our product catalog to place an order for grassfed beef.

Pastured Poultry

Pastured Chicken

Once you have had “real” chicken you cannot go back! Chickens raised on pasture are succulent and flavourful. Our chickens are all fed certified organic grain grown locally by Gerald Poechman, Canada’s first egg farmer to go totally organic. We raise a limited amount every year because of production restrictions in Ontario, so as a result we sell out quickly.

Minimum order of 5 chickens (except for CSA members). Available fresh if you pick up at the farm on "chicken days" in the summer, or delivered frozen.

Visit our product catalog to place an order for pastured chickens.

Pastured Turkeys

Read about the pastured turkeys we have available in our product catalog.