CSA 101

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It brings growers and eaters together.

By becoming a member of Green Being’s winter CSA, you become a part of our farm. As such, you are entitled to a share of the harvest. Every 2 weeks, we bring you your share to a central location. We have different share sizes to suit the needs of different households.

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Members submit payment at the start of the season. This commitment enables the farmer to run the farm without having to rely on loans, and lets the farmer know how many people to grow for. It takes a lot of the financial risk out of farming. Then, when the vegetable drop-offs begin, you sit back and we bring the goods to you.

The CSA concept has been around for decades, but only in the last few years has become a mainstream idea in Ontario. Members of the farm benefit from the connection to the place and the people who grow their food, and receive the highest quality organically grown food possible. Here’s a summary of the benefits of CSA, compiled by Ferme Tournesol in Quebec:

What benefits does Community Supported Agriculture offer?

For member families: For the farmers:
  • exceptionally fresh, locally-produced, delicious vegetables
  • a direct relationship with the farmers who grow your food
  • a chance to learn about new vegetables, share recipes, and expand your culinary horizons
  • the chance to learn more about organic agriculture, visit the farm, and be connected with your food’s origins
  • a guaranteed market for farm products throughout the season
  • timely financial support to help cover production expenses
  • a close relationship with loyal customers and new friends
  • a means to build strong communities with ties to local agricultural production
  • a great sense of satisfaction through direct contact with the families we help feed