Pastured Poultry

Pastured Turkey grazing turkeys

Green Being Farm is one of the few farms in Ontario producing pastured turkeys. Ours are raised outdoors on fresh pasture where they have all the exercise, sunlight, green grass and love they could ever hope for.  Every year we get reviews from our customers that their Thanksgiving turkey was the best they’d ever had.

Turkey costs $5.10/lb. We cannot guarantee weights – it’s nearly impossible to get a free-ranging bird to sit still and gain weight predictably!  But you are free to suggest your preferred weight range and we’ll do our best to satisfy.

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Turkeys will be delivered just before Thanksgiving, and are fresh.

More info can be found here.

Pastured Chicken

Once you have had “real” chicken you cannot go back! Chickens raised on pasture are succulent and flavourful.  Our chickens, like our turkeys and pigs are all fed certified organic grain grown locally by Gerald Poechman, Canada’s first egg farmer to go totally organic.  We raise a limited amount every year because of production restrictions in Ontario, so as a result we sell out quickly.

Click here for information on ordering.  Before you fire up the oven, be sure to check out these cooking tips.