Pastured Meats

At Green Being Farm all our animals are raised outdoors, with the highest regard for their needs and their impact on the environment. Our name, Green Being, reflects this- we allow animals to BE the creatures they are meant to be, and so we raise them in a way that does not compromise their dignity, or that of the environment. We strive to give them a happy stress-free life, feeding them only high quality certified organic feeds, and allowing them complete access to green forages. No preventative medications, hormones, additives or genetically modified organisms. You are what you eat, after all!


Our meat is available seasonally by pre-order.  We deliver to centralized pickup locations in Toronto and Guelph, or you can pick up at the farm. Pricing is reviewed late spring so may vary slightly from pricing below.

Berkshire Pork:  Sold as a 25 lb ‘bundle’ of mixed cuts at $7.85/lb.  Cuts vary per bundle but generally include different chops, sausage, bacon, a roast, ham, hocks, ham steaks, possibly ribs, schnitzel, etc.  We accept orders year round along with a $75 deposit to help defray production costs and guarantee your order.  Orders are ready in late fall.  All pork comes to you frozen.

Specific location and pickup date  provided with your order.

Grassfed Lamb:  Sold by halves or whole lambs.  A half lamb will weigh about 13-17 lbs and will include a leg roast, shoulder roast, lamb chops, shanks and stewing lamb. Lamb is available in late fall and costs $12.75/lb.  

Pastured Chicken:  $5.25/lb.  Minimum order of 5 chickens.  Available fresh if you pickup at the farm on ‘chicken days’ in the summer or delivered frozen. 

Grassfed Beef:  Grass ONLY!  Visit our Shop page for details.


It’s easy to purchase our pastured meat products online. Please browse our products, add your selections to your shopping cart, then when you’re ready, you can check out.