Grassfed Beef

Grassfed Beef:  We raise both Red Polls and Black Angus cattle.  Our cattle are strictly grassfed- no grain ever.  Our animals are finished at 18 months, much sooner than many other grassfed cattle, resulting in tender but exceptionally flavourful beef.  We take grazing very seriously, and our cattle are moved to fresh pasture every other day. We have been told by many customers that our grassfed beef is the best they have ever had. We offer 35-40 lb bundles of mixed cuts  or you can order by the quarter, half or whole animal, giving you full control over how it is butchered.

A bundle will give you an assortment of steaks such as sirloin, T-bone, porterhouse, rib steaks, wing steak, etc, as well as a couple of roasts (sirloin tip, prime rib, pot roasts), perhaps some short ribs, and also lots of ground beef and stewing beef.

A quarter, half or whole, will give you the same but you have more control over what you get: for instance, if you don’t like roasts, you can have more stewing or ground beef.  And you can request rarer cuts such as flank steaks, brisket, etc, in addition to all the bones and organs.

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