Lamb Ribs


Slow-Cooked Grassfed Lamb Ribs

Also known as breast of lamb,  this is a cut you don’t see very often, but they are undergoing a renaissance as people start to remember how delicious they are!  A few years ago I had a hard time finding recipes online, but that is starting to change. Unfortunately I can’t remember the source for this recipe, but it’s very good.  If you want more ideas I recommend googling ‘slow cooked lamb ribs’ for good results. Whatever recipe you go with, be sure it involves slow cooking to allow the fat to melt away from the meat.  Any recipe that works for lamb shanks will work beautifully for lamb ribs. This recipe makes enough for 4 lbs of lamb ribs, so if you have a whole lamb, you should use them all.  You can cut it in half if you have less, or follow the recipe as is….you’ll just have extra sauce.

Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

Probably any recipe for short ribs that involves braising will yield succulent, fall-apart-on-your-fork tenderness and be worth trying.  Braising is essentially slow cooking in liquid, and works wonders on tougher cuts like ribs and shoulders.  Another indicator that a braising recipe will be good is if it tells you to brown the meat first.  Also, if it includes red wine you can almost never go wrong!  This is a classic example of a perfect short-rib recipe that would also work well with lamb shanks, lamb ribs or even pork ribs.  It comes from Epicurious, probably my favourite online source for recipes.  Here it is: .  Note:  if you are not making your own beef stock, see if you can find some from Stock Exchange.  They make very high quality broths from bones coming from ecologically and locally raised animals (including ours!)