Skirt and Hanger Steaks


Steak Fajitas

Just because you have a steak doesn’t mean you have to have it straight-up!  I love turning my steaks into fajitas…a little goes a long way.  Skirt steaks and hanger steaks are traditionally used because they are thin and need a marinade to tenderize them, but I will also happily use a sirloin.  This particular marinade comes from Good Eats, and if you want to follow the full recipe using a grill, you can find it here: .  I will often make fajitas on the stovetop when I’m looking to make something quick and easy.   If you don’t have enough limes for this recipe, don’t despair, there are lots of recipes on the internet that use less lime juice, and if you’re using a smallish steak, you can easily halve this recipe.