Kune Kunes – Grassfinished pork!

We are proud to welcome the arrival of a very rare and special breed of pig to Canada, the Kune Kune!

Kune Kunes were raised by the Maori in New Zealand and bred to be both friendly and docile, but hardy enough to fatten on forage alone. (Their name means “fat and round!”)

Although we love raising our Berkshire hogs, we do see that even on pasture, most pigs still require grain, and generally speaking, lots of it to fatten.  Ecologically, grassfed animals (such as cattle and lamb) are superior because the fossil fuel requirements to grow grain are not there.  And as grain gets more expensive to produce, so do the animals that need it to grow. We thought….what if it were possible to raise a grassfed pig?

Then we found the Kune Kunes.  In our estimation they are pig perfection and here’s why:

It is the most ecologically responsible pork imaginable.

At the same time, it is delicious: sweet, succulent, well suited to everything from whole pig roasts to charcuterie.  This is a pork as of yet unknown to Canada. Having tasted it abroad, I can tell you that it is special.

What’s more, these little pigs are the most wonderful companions. Many people keep Kunes as pets; they are intelligent and gentle. And whereas a sow or boar of most any other breed will easily surpass 700 lbs, Kune Kunes max out at 200. They are a safe breed for families, for people who want a safe relationship with their animals, and for people looking for self-sufficient meat production.

We believe Kune Kunes are revolutionary from an ecological and culinary perspective and we are excited to offer this rare breed in Canada. If you would like to be one of the first to raise Kune Kunes in Canada, contact us  now! Email Tarrah at info@greenbeingfarm.ca.

Please note: We are not selling pork, we are selling breeding stock and weaner pigs. If you would like to purchase Kune Kune grassfed pork, we can connect you with Canadian producers as they become available. 

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